AWOL Solutions are the Experts in Emergency Response Services

We are an integral part of any solution in Disaster and Emergency Response situations.
  • Strategic Partners: We create customized solutions and approach each situation with a clear understanding of your specific needs and timelines in mind.
  • Remote Site Experts: Whether the site is stateside in the USA in a major city, or at a remote location in another country we have the expertise and capabilities to perform and continue project management and site services for emergency response situations.
  • One Stop Project Management: Instead of having to contract through multiple companies and agencies for your emergency response needs, you can contract us and have a one-stop shop to handle all of (or the majority of) your services.
  • Experienced Teams: We have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to respond in a quick and efficient manner. From budget to timelines, we know how to handle everything from start to finish.
  • Lifecycle Planning: We handle the entire lifecycle planning and provide the services from temporary structures to waste management, and everything in between to manage the emergency response services.
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AWOL Solutions is a premier service provider for large-scale emergency response operations. We are support…


AWOL Solutions is a premier service provider for large-scale emergency response operations that can dispatched to almost anywhere in the world. We are support capable for US and international locations and also experts in cross-border transportation and special event needs. Our services are contracted by governmental and non-governmental agencies, non-profits, construction projects, public and private companies, and disaster relief companies. We have a rapid deployment fleet of portable shower, laundry, private living quarter and bathroom trailers available for set-up, maintenance, and removal.

We help communities rebuild their livelihood, cities support their citizens, and businesses re-open to the public. We carefully and quickly create customized and individualized recovery plans from start to finish, with rapid deployment of services. Our goal is to offer health, hope, and recovery so that people can move on and get back to their daily lives.

The Initial Planning

When you contact us, we get the details for the project, timelines, budget. Next we set up the plan of action.

Project Process

We keep you informed throughout the entire process, and if we encounter any issues, we will come to you with the best solutions right away.


We available 24/7 feel free to contact us.

We are genius because of experience.

Competitive pricing and time saving as a one-stop shop

We provide free estimation for all projects

We report back to our customers with any issues we encounter, along with our suggestions and solutions. We keep you in the loop throughout the project.

As needs change, according to weather, project timelines, and delays, we create new reports for services and budgeting.

We regularly check on jobs and have project managers who are making sure the highest standards are being maintained.

We maintain and inspect equipment and facilities, ensuring quality and cleanliness.

Change orders are a common need and request for large projects. We quickly and apply accommodate change orders.

Any special requests may be accommodated at any time. Simply relay this information to the Project Manager immediately.