We support refineries, plants, and clients with large construction services. From management to maintenance, we’ve got you covered.


We provide temporary labor services, including all soft, speciality, and non-skilled labor, from catering to medical, and everything in between.


Facilities Management is crucial to Disaster Relief. From Clean Water to Barriers to Parking to Fueling, we aid in safe success.


Our team is built on years of experience and in-depth capabilities. We are the best in class, economically delivered.

Temporary Support Facilities

AWOL Solutions builds and delivers high-quality, dependable temporary buildings, fabric structures, and utility trailers.

Facilities Management

We manage the day-to-day necessities and maintenance of all facilities and buildings. AWOL insures the functionality, support, comfort, safety, sustainability, and efficiency of the build environment.

Labor Management

We supply and manage soft labor and non-skilled personnel site services. We coordinate with site managers to schedule and organize everything from security to janitorial cleaning needs.

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Emergency Response

We are the premier service provider for large-scale operations in disaster relief, responsive 24/7/365. Internationally support capable, experts in cross-border transportation and specialized needs.

Who We Are

AWOL Solutions are a turnkey construction and facilities management team that offer essential temporary facilities and support services for construction sites. We provide exceptional project facilities and operational support services, featuring American-made equipment, Veteran staffing and management, and the highest quality support services in the industry.

AWOL Solutions providing porta potty on project site.
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Our passion is serving our clients in site facilities, logistics, design, installation and systems maintenance for the complete project life-cycle.

As a company with unencumbered equipment and assets, and 3 warehouses nationally, AWOL Solutions is able to self-perform 90% of our client’s equipment and service needs, professionally and economically, unencumbered by industry financing or financing rates.

We provide our clients with exceptional site facilities, logistics, design, installation, and systems maintenance for all on-site service systems. AWOL Solutions builds and delivers high-quality, dependable temporary buildings, fabric structures, and utility trailers. Our company is rooted in military precision with years of experience in providing project-based facilities, services, and supplies.

Global Capabilities

Essential Support Services

Comfortable Spaces

Hard Facilities Management

Base Camp Operations

Turnkey Solutions

Environmental Response Services

Specialty Services

What We Do?

We are your single source for all construction site facilities support and management needs.

Why People Love Us?

As a proven industry leader, AWOL Solutions are the best-in-class turnkey solutions for construction facilities management. We own all of our own equipment outright, providing substantial savings to our customers.

What We Offer?

We offer dependable and immediate turnkey solutions to disaster and emergency response needs. AWOL Solutions has 24/7 availability, domestic and abroad, for comprehensive construction facilities management.



Do you perform all of your own work?

It depends on the services needed but AWOL Solutions self performs 90% of all of our work. We have several high value, preferred vendors we team with to perform specialty labor.

How quickly can you mobilize your services?

We can be on site within 12-24 hours in emergency circumstances, and in operation in 24-48 hours.

Where do you perform your services?

We currently operate within and service the Continental United Sates (CONUS), with sites on OCONUS operations by early 2025.

Our Latest News

AWOL Solutions is an ever-evolving company, based on the idea of continual improvement of services and technology as it advances. We are consistently adding to our inventory, technology, and machinery.

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We are a USA company, with American-made equipment.

AWOL Solutions is USA based and uses American-made products.

We are proud to be a company based in the USA that uses quality and dependable American-made equipment.