Catering/Food Staff

CATERING AND FOOD STAFF SERVICES Bringing All Food Services to Your Site on Demand, with Optional...

Medical Staff

Medical Staff Services Our medical staff services and labor are available for construction projects and disaster...

Security Guards

Security Guard Services Delivering Safety and Reliable Security Staffing Solutions to Job Sites, Events, and Recovery...


Cleaning and Janitorial Services Maintaining Clean and Hygienic Environments for Short-term and Long-term Needs We have specialization...

Electrical Labor

We have knowledgable and prompt labor services for all HVAC and Electrical Maintenance Services needs...

Fire Watch

For Fire Watch and Hole Watch Labor, we have you covered with a fast and...

Temporary Labor

We provide all soft labor and non-skilled labor for construction sites, whether it is catering...

Temporary Labor Services keep your large construction project running smoothly so your employees can focus on their work without having distractions or inconveniences. We keep facilities cleaned, comfortable, and maintained, we have your food hot and ready, and we maintain clean water and optimal hygiene on site as well as in resting and bunking areas.

The Initial Planning

When you contact us, we get the details for the project, timelines, budget. Next we set up the plan of action.

Project Process

We keep you informed throughout the entire process, and if we encounter any issues, we will come to you with the best solutions right away.


We available 24/7 feel free to contact us.

We are genius because of experience.

Competitive pricing and time saving as a one-stop shop

We provide free estimation for all projects

We report back to our customers with any issues we encounter, along with our suggestions and solutions. We keep you in the loop throughout the project.

As needs change, according to weather, project timelines, and delays, we create new reports for services and budgeting.

We regularly check on jobs and have project managers who are making sure the highest standards are being maintained.

We maintain and inspect equipment and facilities, ensuring quality and cleanliness.

Change orders are a common need and request for large projects. We quickly and apply accommodate change orders.

Any special requests may be accommodated at any time. Simply relay this information to the Project Manager immediately.