Power Generation

POWER GENERATION SERVICES Delivering Reliable Power Generation Solutions for Large Scale Construction Sites, Events, Basecamps, and...

Sanitary Services

Sanitary Services We help maintain sanitary conditions on construction sites with all sanitation and...


We provide private or shared sleeping quarters, complete with electrical and A/C servicing...


Safe and secure storage of tools, equipment, and materials throughout the project duration...

Welfare Facilities

Whether is it Temporary Showers or Supplies and Storage Trailers you need, we...

Site Offices

Site Office Structures and Administrative Facilities include construction site offices that range from...

Dining Facilities

When it comes to dining facilities, we provide the full range of needs:...

Field Catering Services

Field Catering offers breakfast and lunch services, first and second shifts, Grab-and-Go services,...

Laundry Services

Our Turnkey Laundry Services have full-service options. Laundry Trailers make doing laundry convenient...

Modular Solutions

Whether you need Offices, Classrooms, Sleeping Quarters, or Break Rooms, we supply your...

Temporary Support Facilities

AWOL Solutions builds and delivers high-quality, dependable temporary buildings, fabric structures, and utility trailers.

AWOL Solutions manages full construction project site facilities.

Facilities Management

We manage the day-to-day necessities and maintenance of all facilities and buildings. AWOL insures the functionality, support, comfort, safety, sustainability, and efficiency of the build environment.

Labor Management

We supply and manage soft labor and non-skilled personnel site services. We coordinate with site managers to schedule and organize everything from security to janitorial cleaning needs.

Temporary Support Services are vital to large scale construction sites and federal construction projects. AWOL Solutions provides everything from latrines to wash stations to catering services, and everything in between. We handle start to finish, from the set-up, to the maintenance, to the break down and removal of facilities.

The Initial Planning

When you contact us, we get the details for the project, timelines, budget. Next we set up the plan of action.

Project Process

We keep you informed throughout the entire process, and if we encounter any issues, we will come to you with the best solutions right away.



We are available 24/7 so feel free to contact us any time of day or night.

We are genius because of experience.

Competitive pricing and time saving as a one-stop shop

We provide free estimation for all projects

We report back to our customers with any issues we encounter, along with our suggestions and solutions. We keep you in the loop throughout the project.

As needs change, according to weather, project timelines, and delays, we create new reports for services and budgeting.

We regularly check on jobs and have project managers who are making sure the highest standards are being maintained.

We maintain and inspect equipment and facilities, ensuring quality and cleanliness.

Change orders are a common need and request for large projects. We quickly and apply accommodate change orders.

Any special requests may be accommodated at any time. Simply relay this information to the Project Manager immediatly.