AWOL Solutions is American-made from the Foundations to the Equipment

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Large warehousing facilities

AWOL Solutions uses American-made equipment that is sturdy, reliable and owned outright by our very own company. This means that there is no lag time to search for equipment or reliance on any outside vendors for equipment rental, which is very rare in this industry. 

We have a growing inventory of temporary facilities and construction equipment that is available for deployment for our projects nationwide. AWOL Solutions has 3 fully stocked warehouses strategically aligned throughout the United States for equipment deployment anywhere within the CONUS.

“This is what we do and we do what we do very well.”

When we are contacted to supply a large construction project, we have the ability to mobilize our equipment, facilities, and consumables within a matter of hours. We recently got a call at 10:30 pm on a Friday night and were there by 5:30 am that following Saturday morning. This is not at all a rare situation, and we are excited to serve our customers with even more options as we continue to grow and maintain our stellar reputation.

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