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As we begin to head into Q2 of 2024 soon, we are taking a deeper look into our company growth that is planned and expected for 2025, and it is looking very promising for us to be global-ready by then. We are uniquely positioned, not only is what our company offers in services and staffing, but also in how we are structured and how we operate.

“It only makes sense, as we continue to expand at a very solid and fast pace, to go global. Our capabilities are simply taking us there.” – Klay South, President & Founder

Since our inception as a company, we have been capable of mobilizing nationwide, from the east coast to the west, and the north all the way to the furthest points of Texas and Florida. We are able to mobilize to these places overnight most of the time. As we continue to fulfill our contracts and create a wide set foundation of facilities and services, we are looking into our future with a a realistic gaze that can reach to the other side of the globe. This sort of thing takes time due to the logistics of storage, warehousing, and transportation, but we are laying out plans that can definitely take shape.

As these plans come to fruition, we will let our internationally based customers who have been asking us for a timeline of expectations. In the meantime, we will continue to serve our customers here, state side, with the same quality services that we have become known for in this niche industry.

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